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I’m really thankful to Dr. Katie because I’m not having to take allergy pills for almost 4 months! I’m not having the symptoms any more. I don’t know if it is because of the treatment, but my sleep has improved and I’m not gaining weight, which is great!”


“I first contacted Dr. Katie because I had a reaction to something that was causing my lips to swell up. She tested me for a variety of allergens and discovered several that might have caused a reaction. After being treated for them, I have had no reactions to any foods. I am so thankful for the process Dr. Katie uses and the difference it has made!”


“My general bloating and gas symptoms have greatly improved. I find that I am digesting cheese better overall. The nerve pain has improved on the top of my legs. My concentration has also improved!”


My son had developed eczema around 2 years of age. He was treated for food sensitivites and all his rashes on his face and body cleared up. When the spring came, he started to break out in hives and his itchy skin left him with many sleepless nights. He was treated for seasonal allergies and it all cleared up. A year ago we moved to a different state and he was exposed to tree pollens that he had not been around before and was breaking out with hives and itchiness again. After a day of treating his allergies, his skin has improved already and he shows less allergic symptoms!”


“I have suffered from pollen allergies for 29 years. After several treatments, I do not have any symptoms at all. I don’t have itchy eyes, sneezing or a runny nose. I can finally enjoy the spring without medicating myself with an allergy pill. I am free from seasonal allergies!”


“Before I came to The Health Improvement Center I had headaches all the time. It was terrible, they made me immobile and I missed a lot of school. It started to put a strain on my home and school life. Now I hardly get headaches and I haven’t had a headache in a month. I feel better too and I’m a lot happier. I’m really glad I came to The Health Improvement Center. My health has greatly improved.”


“I came in for pretty consistent headaches happening weekly. After my Nutrition Response Testing visits with The Health Improvement Center, I haven’t had a headache in months, my energy has increased and I sleep better. Dr. Katie’s diet suggestions have greatly imrpoved my overall nutrition which was an unexpected benefit. I am much more thoughtful about what I put in my body. And I love her attitude – so positive!”


“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that you’ve done for me in 2016. My primary purpose with meeting with you was to get a better nights sleep. Thanks to you, my sleep has markedly improved on a more consistent basis. As a result, my focus and energy level have greatly improved. To that, I say “many many thanks”. I greatly appreciate all that you’ve done for me and will tell others about what you’ve done for me.”


When I decided to see Dr. Katie and try Nutrition Response Testing, I was suffering from extreme anxiety that had impacted so many levels of my way of life. I used to be a frequent traveler, going all over the world for work and pleasure. Then, a few years ago, I began getting panic attacks on flights. I was so stressed that I would pass out from the fear. It got to the point that I was maneuvering to get trips cancelled at work just so I wouldn’t have to fly. Then I found Dr. Katie and she identified issues with my adrenal glands and thyroid, both of which cause anxiety. As a self-declared skeptic, I agreed to try Nutrition Response Testing but had little hope of success. I was shocked and amazed by how much Nutrition Response Testing changed my life!
The first moment I knew it was working when I limped into her office following a difficult physical therapy session. I have been recovering from extensive leg surgery after years of chronic pain from a broken ankle. Following this PT session, I was barely able to walk and in so much pain I was beginning to feel hopeless about my recovery. I saw Dr. Katie and she found the right supplement to treat my sore muscles and within hours of taking the supplement I was able to walk around National Harbor! I couldn’t believe how quickly the supplement could work!
In the short time I have been seeing Dr. Katie, I went from limping to running on an elliptical. And as for my panic attacks…I feel like a whole new person! I went from having panic attacks just thinking about flying to taking an international trip without a single tear or anxious moment! Dr. Katie and Nutrition Response Testing have given me back my life and now I am planning so many more trips and adventures for the future!


“I initially came to The Health Improvement Center to regain a sense of wellbeing. I had been having trouble sleeping for over two years and was feeling run down and irritable. I had attributed the sleep issues to stress and the anxiety of living a very busy life. I also had digestive issues, loss of appetite and low energy, which I also attributed to stress. After Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Katie gave me several supplements to begin restoring a healthy balance. Within days I was sleeping much better and feeling more energetic. It seemed almost miraculous! After three months on the program, my sleep has continued to improve and I no longer worry when I go to be that I will have a sleepless night. After seeing such improvement in my sleep, I mentioned to Dr. Katie that I felt mentally sluggish and scattered and after Nutrition Response Testing, she gave me an additional supplement to begin taking. This time, I noticed an improvement within hours. It was as if a fog had literally lifted and my memory and processing seemed back to “normal”. Now we are working on clearing my many environmental and food allergies, which I have struggled with my entire life. I am confident that with the allergy clearing I will continue to feel better and better. My two daughters, age 10 and 5, also see Dr. Katie for nutritional support and allergy clearing. With our very busy lives and many interests, it is important for our family to maintain an optimal state of health. We feel Dr. Katie is vital in helping us to do so.”


“Every day, I was feeling somewhat exhausted with no justified reason. I had allergy and cold related symptoms on and off all year. I was eating okay and working out at the gym on a regular basis. So, I kind of accepted my exhaustion feeling as just a part of life. I’ve always been concerned about aging in a healthy and wholesome manner. So, when a colleague invited me to the Pathways into Health Conference, I quickly jumped at the idea. Dr. Katie had a vendor booth at the conference. Dr. Katie snagged me as I was passing by their booth to take an allergy test. I was a little hesitant; because I already knew that I suffered from seasonal allergies, etc. But, I allowed Dr. Katie to perform the allergy test and I found out that I was allergic to things that I had no clue about, such as protein and pet dander. I scheduled a follow up appointment with her and the rest is history. She did a full allergy testing on me and I immediately begin taking allergy treatments. Not only upon the completion of the allergy treatments, but even during the time I took the treatments, I begin to notice a 180 degree change in my allergies and energy levels. I can’t recall a time that I haven’t suffered from some year around allergies. I typically miss days from work each month due to allergy related symptoms. Since the allergy treatments, I’ve been exposed in my office to coworkers with the flu, bacterial pneumonia, colds, etc. and I haven’t caught any of them and I did not take the flu shot. That fact along is a real winner for me and worth the investment in my health. I can’t say enough positive things about the allergy treatments provided by Dr. Katie at The Health Improvement Center.”


“Dr “Katie” Thompson has been a lifesaver to me (and my family). Due solely to Nutrition Response Testing and her caring, I’ve had a dramatic reduction in my pain level.

I’ve seen close to 30 doctors over my lifetime. Each one would continue to diagnose more problems and thus their pharmaceutical solution. I was taking 62 prescriptions plus a day plus supplements at my worst point.

I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, scoliosis, cocydynia, anklylosing spondylitis, spinal stenosis, lumbar syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and severe neuropathy in my back, legs and feet. I’ve feel like a walking drugstore for years…also hypothyroidism.

Since I’ve been coming for just the last 3 weeks, I feel like I’m starting to get my life back, not just for me but for my family as well.

I can’t wait to see how much more I’ll improve! It’s even helping my IBS and acid reflux be calmer.

I have a hard time going without sugar but the trade off is beyond worth it. My hair had been falling in handfuls and now it’s just a few in each brushing daily.

There aren’t words enough to express how truly grateful I feel and thank God for her (and our sweet Pastor Frank who helped us being brought together). You’re a saint, Dr Katie and we love you!”


“After such positive results with the allergy testing, I decided to begin the Nutrition Response Testing and evaluation program. As a result of this program, I now know for certain that I do not have to live my life feeling exhausted every day. My energy levels have been super high and I have much better mental clarity. Dr. Katie was able to determine various areas where I was nutritionally challenged and exposed to external things that elevated my mercury levels. I’m taking nutritional supplements that have already addressed a number of my vulnerable areas and I’m making significant progress in addressing the remaining areas. The greatest enhancement to my health journey has been going to The Health Improvement Center.”


“I came to see Dr Katie because my 6 week old baby seemed to be having a lot of trouble digesting my milk, and she also was getting a bad rash on her face and seemed generally very unhappy and uncomfortable. She would scream and cry when she was awake, and when she finally would fall asleep she would moan and groan and move around a lot – hardly getting quality rest. It just was getting worse and worse, and though my pediatrician and lots of well-meaning friends told me this was normal, and some babies just have a rougher time than others, I wasn’t convinced. Dr Katie tested both me and my baby for food allergies. My baby had just four foods she was allergic to, but they included my milk! I was desperate and I had enough faith in the allergy treatment technique used by Dr Katie to get the treatments done, but I really wasn’t sure what results I should expect. The day we treated my baby for her allergy to my milk, it was a miracle. We did the treatment in the early afternoon. Afterwards she slept for four hours straight, and peacefully – without twitching and groaning. We had our baby back!”


“When I first came into Dr. Katie’s office I was eager to get started and had already had experience with Nutrition Response Testing in upstate New York. Over the five or six months with Dr. Katie, she has continued to modify my diet and supplements to continually keep up with my body’s changing needs until my Candida and pain was gone. I can’t thank Dr. Katie and this fantastic method of healing enough. I finally feel 25 again and I’m 35.”



“My name is John. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Katie Thompson and everyone at The Health Improvement Center! For many years I’ve suffered with severe spring allergies and have used a myriad of natural products to help lower the symptoms. I’ve experienced many days when it was very difficult to work with all the sneezing, runny nose, scratchy eyes and coughing. As a result of these allergies I would often contract secondary bronchial infections and largely felt miserable for 2 to 3 months out of the year, unable to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. While the natural products helped some I was still plagued with moderate to severe symptoms. This all changed when I finally took Dr. Katie’s advice! Through a unique testing procedure she identified various pollens that I had sensitivities to and through a series of treatments my body’s sensitivities diminished one by one. The result is that for the first spring allergy season I’ve experienced mild symptoms only! The severity of my allergies on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, used to run between 8 and 10 through the entire season. This season they are running between a 1 and 2! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Dr. Katie for the help you’ve given me in clearing me of these terrible allergies.

I highly recommend this treatment”

-Dr. J.H.

“Hi, I’m Jay. I’m a 64 year old long distance runner with 154 marathon finishes to my credit. I came to see Dr Katie after the New York City marathon last November, where I caught a flu that deeply affected my breathing with a deep, hacking cough and significantly slowed me down.

After a course of Dr Katie’s good treatments with Nutrition Response Testing, I won my age group at Northern Central Rail Trail marathon in November, then on December 31st I won the Hawk Indoor marathon. First overall, making me at 63 the sixth oldest man in history to win a marathon. Now I’m 100% healthy and I look forward to a very successful 2014, thanks to Dr Katie!”


“I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done to help me with my allergies. I can’t believe how well your treatments have worked! For over 30 years I have been suffering with terrible asthmatic allergies to animals, environmental agents like trees and grasses, as well as several foods like eggs and chicken. And now, to my great amazement, I have been able to spend the night at my son and daughter-in-law’s home, where they have a dog, without an asthma attack! Since then I have also spent an entire weekend at a friend’s home who also has a dog without any trouble at all! Not to mention I have actually eaten a few pieces of non-allergy cake, that had real egg in it! I am so thrilled and excited it’s hard to express my gratitude.
One more big thank you for helping with all my back and neck issues! Your use of impulse adjustment has been another wonderful experience. My back and neck issues have been chronic for about 40 years. After treatment, I leave your office pain free for many weeks afterwards. These adjustments were so easy and natural I even recommended them to my 86 year old mother-in-law who was in so much back and arm pain she could barely walk. Now she is walking so much better and is in a lot less pain. Even more, you took the time to be gentle, kind and understanding to someone who is elderly and doesn’t speak English very well. You were wonderful with her. Thank you so much!

You’re the best!”



“I am a pastor who had to retire in 2005 because of asthma attacks every fall and spring. The attacks ran from the fall of 1999 to the fall of 2014—15 years! Each attack meant 6 to 8 weeks of prednisone and cutting way back on activities. It was almost impossible to preach with constant coughs and little breath, and those seasonal conditions have continued since my retirement from the church service. The HEALTH IMPROVEMENT CENTER of Vienna had two persons to visit our church’s Senior Citizen’s periodic luncheons near the end of last winter. They said those in attendance could get a free consult at their health office. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I signed up!

When I visited the Center I met Dr. Katie Thomson, DC. She gave me a brass rod to hold in my left hand while she pressed a thinner brass rod using a circular motion in my right palm. Wires connected both rods to her laptop which indicated each of my allergies after numerous repetitions of pressing my right palm. After the first meeting, Dr. Thompson followed up with 9 treatments using the two brass rods in the same pressing manner again. The gauge on the computer screen would make a dinging sound when the green column stopped somewhere near the top of the scale. She called it “electronic acupuncture”.

The bottom line, no matter the name of the procedure, I DID NOT GET ASTHMA THIS SPRING OR FALL! IT WORKED!

Now a second test: This past week, we had our kitchen and family room hardwood floors refinished. In the past, paint fumes would set off an asthma attack. The poly-urethane finish on the floors would surely test my lungs. This time, not even the more odoriferous poly-urethane fumes bothered me! THAT WAS DEFINITELY ANOTHER REAL TEST!

An obvious fan of The Health Improvement Center”

-Rev. D.F.

“I am so thankful to have found Dr. Katie! I was diagnosed a year ago with celiac disease and needed to avoid gluten. It turned out I am extremely sensitive and would get sick for 6-7 days following even touching anything with gluten. After several attempts to solve the problem, trips to traditional allergists, gastroenterologists, chiropractors, and endocrinologists who could not help me…I found Dr. Katie.

After her Nutrition Response Testing and allergy elimination treatments, I am getting back to normal and am so thankful to be on the road again to wellness. Now if I interact with gluten I have a significantly reduced reaction for only 1-2 days now. Thank you Dr. Katie!”


"I came to see Dr. Katie Thompson in February 2015 for stiff neck, right lower back and left hip pain that I had been experiencing since the fall (end of golf season). With the golf season beginning I wanted to relief from this pain without medication. Dr. Thompson recommended therapy and I immediately begin to experience relief after the first visit. She was also able to determine that my hip pain was due to a quad strain and not related to my back pain and was able to perform therapy on that area as well. Now after a few weeks of therapy, I have been able to continue activity with no restraints. Additionally her rates make me happy as I don’t have to break the bank for pain relief that is ultimately more beneficial to my overall health and longer lasting than getting prescriptions. I have been a client of Dr. Thompson for a very long time and I am proud to recommend her to people and say go see my Doctor she can help you.” 


"I have been constipated for most of my life (61 years). After being on Dr. Katie’s regimen for several months the problem was solved. Regularity has made me feel so much happier and healthier.

Thank you, Dr. Katie!"


"I met Dr. Katie at the Natural Living Expo. She had a comprehensive lecture about nutritional health. I was impressed with what she had to say. So I asked, question after question and Dr. Katie had an answer. Answers is what was missing from my traditional medical care for the past five years.

As I move into the wellness phase of my treatment, vitality has returned to me, I am energetic, I sleep well and my eczema is clearing up. I feel human again.

Thank you, Dr. Katie"


"I have been seeing Dr. Katie for about two months. I came her with a severe skin allergy. I saw many doctors before, but they could not find what was causing my allergy. After my first visit, my skin started healing and now I am completely cured. I am really happy that I found Dr. Katie and the allergy work she does, after suffering for seven months without any answer. Seven months of itching, pain and medicine. I completely recommend The Health Improvement Center if you are suffering from any allergy condition."


"I have suffered from allergies my whole life. They became even worse after surgery to fix my deviated septum. I had chronic sinus infections that required multiple rounds of antibiotics paired with steroids. I have had to have two more sinus surgeries in the last five years. I did allergy shots for two years and still had recurring sinus issues. spring of 2018 will be my first spring allergy-free because of Dr. Katie. I can breathe and sleep easier without the constant congestion that has plagued me for my whole life. Thanks Dr. Katie."


"The knot on the right side of my head completely cleared during the drive back here. I feel so much better, not perfect, but better because of you. The brain fog is much reduced and I no longer wonder about dementia. I am a happy camper and looking to be even happier.


Thank you so much"


"There is no question for me that the Allergy Clearing Technique has helped my allergies. The heavy fog and the feeling like I was being pressed down all the time is gone.

Thank you, Dr. Katie!"


"I had seasonal allergies over 20 years and had to take allergy pills from February to May every year. After doing the Allergy Clearing Technique, no more pills, I feel perfect. Last week, I was working in the backyard, no problems.

Thank you, Dr. Katie!"


"Dr. Katie, I could just about kiss you this morning!!! For the first time in YEARS, I slept a solid six hours last night. Not a hot flash in sight!!!!!!!"


"I tried a few things before my experience with Nutrition Response Testing and Dr. Katie. I am always skeptical about trying new things, but in this case, I was just in a situation to try so long as it does not involve prescription drugs. To my surprise, I realized, my diet was not so good, and I could not eat my favorite foods. For example: avocados, apples, and almonds.

Since I started the program, my sleep has much improved, my appetite got better, and I can happily eat avocados, apples and almonds. I feel hungry again, for the first time in a long time. Thanks."


"Dr. Katie has been treating me since September of 2005 for not only serious back injuries but broad systemic health issues I brought to her office. I never thought I'd be able to go back to work but have been working within a few months after beginning treatments with her. I continue to treat with her because the back injuries don't go away (in my case) and I can maintain a far more active lifestyle when I visit her periodically. The chiropractic care, nutrition and overall health improvements keep me coming back and referring her to everyone who needs assistance."


"First of all, I sleep much better. I used to have great difficulty falling asleep – sometimes not dropping off for three hours. Also, I would have muscle spasms in my lower leg and ankle that would keep me awake. Now, I fall asleep in what seems like 20 minutes or less and I feel very rested when I get up. My arm strength has improved – I can now carry my end of our canoe without so much difficulty. My dancing has improved too – I can lift my legs higher, jump higher, dancing feels more effortless."


"Dr. Katie helped me with my balance issues so I can walk better without a cane. Also, she helped me to read food labels so I can limit my sugar intake and lose weight. It worked! My sleep has gotten better too!"


"After a course of Dr. Katie’s good treatments with Nutrition Response Testing, I won my age group at Northern Central Rail Trail marathon in November, then on December 31st I won the Hawk Indoor marathon. First overall, making me at 63 the sixth oldest man in history to win a marathon. Now I’m 100% healthy and I look forward to a very successful 2014, thanks to Dr. Katie!"


"Dr. “Katie” Thompson has been a lifesaver to me (and my family). Due solely to Nutrition Response Testing and her caring, I’ve had a dramatic reduction in my pain level.                                                                                                                              "


"As a result of this program, I now know for certain that I do not have to live my life feeling exhausted every day. My energy levels have been super high and I have much better mental clarity. Dr. Katie was able to determine various areas where I was nutritionally challenged."                                                                                                                             


"Before meeting Dr. Katie, I went through years of allergy shots and kept an ever-growing list of foods and plants that caused allergy reactions (e.g. nasal congestion, itchy throat, etc.). I was taking 3 Zyrtec a day (as suggested by my previous allergist) to try to keep up with my symptoms and was still miserable half of the year. Since I first met Dr. Katie, my life has been changed for the better. I can ride around town with my windows down and not worry about if I’ll be able to breathe when I get up the next morning. I’m able to enjoy foods that I haven’t been able to eat since I was a child. Dr. Katie is a miracle-worker, and my only regret is not having met her sooner."


I have bad posture…partially because of a desk job, but mostly because I’m lazy. I was experiencing pain in my lower back and stiffness in my upper back which was making it more difficult to do the things I loved, like Pure Barre and ballet. So, I asked Dr. Katie for help. She took the time to talk me through what she saw happening with my back, quick and easy exercises I could do at home to stretch out strengthen the muscles, and how to set up my desk at work so I wouldn’t fall back into the same slouching habits. I have been getting the impulse adjustments for about a year now; I still think it’s a little weird, but I’m a firm believer that it works. I haven’t had any pain like I was experiencing before (except the few times I over-exerted myself in an unusual way), and I don’t get headaches like I used to (huge plus). Dr. Katie knows what she’s doing.



I met Dr. Katie in the fall of 2017, after she had been referred to me. At the time, I was suffering from dramatic and rapid hair loss and loss of taste. I had already tried the conventional medicine route with no success or answers. After listening to my story and test me, Dr. Katie informed me she could help me and how she could accomplish this. A few months later, my hair has grown back in and I can taste again. She is awesome! Thank you, Dr. Katie.


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