Thank you for your interest in the services at The Health Improvement Center

Please fill out the New Client Intake Form, the Symptom Survey and the Terms of Acceptance Form. Be sure to bring all three completed forms with you to your first appointment. I look forward to seeing you!
Download New Client Intake Form
New Client Intake Form Instructions:
Complete all pages of the New Client Intake Form
and sign the last page.
Download Authorization Form
Terms of Acceptance Form Instructions:
Read and sign the Terms of Acceptance Form.
Download Symptom Survey Form
Symptom Survey Form Instructions:
Please read the instructions for the Symptom Survey Form carefully and color in all the dots that apply. If you are unsure of a question then circle it. Feel free to elaborate on any questions. On the second page write in the five main complaints in the order of importance to you.
Download The NRT New Client Orientation
Nutrition Response Testing Clients:
If you are a Nutrition Response Testing client please read this orientation before your visit as this will save time in the office. If unread prior to your initial visit it will be necessary to read this orientation in the office before your visit which sadly may cut into your time spent with Dr. Katie.