Nutrition and Wellness in Vienna, VA

Nutrition and Wellness - ViennaWith Nutrition Response Testing® we can help you discover the real underlying cause of your health problems and fix them – naturally and holistically – with a personalized health program.

Simply put Nutrition Response Testing® is a system of analyzing the underlying causes of your ill or non-optimal health and determining the nutritional needs of your body. Nutritional deficiencies and toxins can act as stress to your body and affect your body’s ability to heal itself.

The procedure is simple and direct, with your body providing all of the information and feedback needed. Through our analysis, we are testing your body’s neurological reflexes. These reflexes are the body’s way of telling us what and how your nervous system is doing – as it is the responsibility of your nervous system to regulate the body’s functions for each and every organ.

Once the stressed organ or gland is identified, it will be supported with whole food nutritional supplements to restore your health naturally and assist your body’s natural ability to heal itself. This will improve function – reducing and eliminating your symptoms.

Nutrition Response Testing® can improve fatigue, female imbalances, sleep trouble, digestive issues, migraines, headaches, allergies, asthma, urinary problems, circulation issues, weight problems, hormonal imbalances, skin issues, emotional issues, children’s health problems, pain, arthritis – the list can go on and on.

What is a personalized health program?

It is a completely individualized clinical nutrition program and totally customized to your body and health challenges. Depending on the findings, we recommend a specific nutritional supplement program along with modifications to what you eat that may be causing your health conditions. This may include adding foods or eliminating foods to be sure your body has the best chance at healing.

If you are in the Vienna, Virginia area and would like to learn more about an individualized Clinical Nutrition Program, please call The Health Improvement Center today to schedule an evaluation, or request an appointment online.

Success Stories

“When I first came into Dr. Katie’s office I was eager to get started and had already had experience with Nutrition Response Testing in upstate New York. Over the five or six months with Dr. Katie, she has continued to modify my diet and supplements to continually keep up with my body’s changing needs until my Candida and pain was gone. I can’t thank Dr. Katie and this fantastic method of healing enough. I finally feel 25 again and I’m 35.”

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