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My 14-yr old daughter Zora has had eczema and allergies since she was a baby. We have managed the environmental and food allergies over the years with antihistamines and by avoiding problem foods. Her eczema breakouts, which range from mild to severe, we have controlled for over a decade with a combination of: prescription oral and topical steroids and antibiotics; prescription and over the counter antihistamines; elimination diets; moisturizing and anti-itch creams; and, when all else fails, sterile wound dressings.

At our wits’ end, we shuffled into Dr. Katie Thompson’s office three months ago for a consultation regarding her BioSet allergy clearing technique. Frankly, we weren’t expecting much. But we were already feeling hopeless, so we figured, what could it hurt.

That was in November 2018. It is now February 2019, and Zora’s skin is smooth, supple, strong and satiny. To my barely believing eyes, we saw improvement within 24 hours of the first treatment. And when Zora does get an itch, her skin does not tear easily as before. She sleeps better, and she can focus more easily on her school work, because she is no longer tormented by her itchy, weeping skin. Zora is so happy about the improvements that she is looking forward to the warm weather so that she can wear the cute spring fashions, rather than covering up her broken skin.            


From the very first few weeks of life, my son, Carter, suffered from what I call sporadic Eczema. I did my best to keep it from flaring up by eliminating things from my own diet while I was breastfeeding. I would treat any outbreaks with Beautycounter baby products and was very particular with everything else in our environment. When Carter was a little over one year old, he got an ear infection and needed his first ever round of antibiotics. While taking the antibiotics, his skin started to react. I did my go-to treatments, but his skin just wouldn’t recover. His back was extremely red, bumpy and sore. He was also developing irritated patches on his elbows and legs. It was time to fix the root of this problem, so we went to see Dr. Katie.

She did an initial consultation and assessment and found he was sensitive to a number of things. I was thrilled that Dr. Katie was able to discover the sensitivities and that she could work on clearing these allergies…and might I mention – without needs and drugs!!! We began treatments right away, and sure enough, Carter’s skin began to heal. I couldn’t be happier with our results. Cartier is now almost two years old, and his skin has not shown One bit of Eczema, irritation, rash, etc. since we finished our sessions. We just did a re-check to make sure he was still “clear” of the things that were on his initial test, and he was! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Katie and this method of allergy clearing to everyone, which is why I got the rest of my family tested!

Thank you Dr. Katie for helping my son.


I have had allergies for as long as I can remember. I took prescription allergy medication from a young age. I did allergy testing and allergy shots. Most recently I was taking prescription medicine supplemented with over the counter pills and eyes drops.

Shortly after my second treatment with Dr. Katie I stopped taking all allergy medicine. I have completed my treatments and am so happy with the results!

I highly recommend Dr. Katie and The Health Improvement Center!

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