3 Places to Clean Every Week

A home that is really lived in is bound to get dirty. Aside from the visible clutter that ...
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Butter and Your Brain

The tide is finally turning when it comes to the health benefits of saturated fats. Although there are ...
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health foods

The Not so Evils of Cholesterol

You have heard that cholesterol is “bad” for you and that it is a “major factor” in causing ...
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Baskets of vegetables

Confusion with Nutritional Advice

I could not help but notice how confusing the subject of nutrition is for anyone trying to figure ...
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Protecting Your Health as You Age

Getting older has its benefits for sure. Not only do we have the advantage of more life experience, ...
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GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are a dangerous adventure into altering what nature provides. There have not been enough ...
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Lady relaxing drink a cup of tea

It’s Flu Season

Why do we call this time of year "Flu Season"? We assume it is due to kids being ...
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Dr. Royal Lee

Happy Birthday to Dr. Royal Lee

Sunday, April 7th was Dr. Royal Lee's birthday. He is the Founder of Standard Process, the whole food ...
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Healthy Salad

Ten Golden Rules for Great Health

1. Drink plenty of clean (filtered or spring) water. Make sure that your drinking water is free from ...
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