Animal glandular extracts are used for a very specific and important purpose. They are the key to rejuvenating a fatigued or sick gland or organ. They also get the gland or organ to work on its own. By using them, the whole vitamin food complexes can be directed to the exact part of the body desired.

These extracts provide support to improve normal function of your own cells by giving your cells the raw material and nutrients to repair and express themselves more fully. They act as a transporter to carry the attached nutrition to specific glands and organs. When you consume a specific glandular extract, your body will direct that extract to whatever type of tissue ingested. For example: if you consume thyroid extract, it would go only and directly to your thyroid gland.

Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process, had developed a way of extracting various parts of the gland. He found that when a person gets sick, develops a degenerative condition or has a chronic health problem that is not resolving, the factors inside of the cells are not doing their job.

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